Services in the building have restarted since the easing of  corona virus restrictions.

Members of the church are also active in the Curcuit "Zoom" services at 16:30 every month.
These virtual services enable members and friends to join together yet remain safe in their own homes.
Upcoming Events are below, please check them out

Pictures of recent events are at the bottom of the page

Lightwood Methodist Church is part of the Stoke-on-Trent South Circuit (11/20) also known as South Stoke.

The Minister in Charge of the Circuit is Rev Linda Catlow, the Minister responsible for Lightwood from September is the Rev Pam Roberts. She may be contacted on the phone number at the foot of the page.

The Church is the oldest Methodist Church in the Area. It comprises of the main Worship area, a vestry and a meeting room suitable for weekly and more special occasions (opposite you see it laid out for a more traditional Wedding breakfast) It may be the first picture below if viewed on a phone or mobile device

The Church supports many circuit charities, has an active bible study group, enjoys many social events including garden parties, bluebell walks, sausage sizzles to name a few

We celebrated our 200th birthday a few years ago and are still going strong. We welcome new members.

We have had some really good services and events, we have met some interesting people.

We would welcome any stories pictures or other information  you may have that we can look to the past for inspiration, to help bring the story of Lightwood Chapel alive for all visitors.

Our upcoming  services are below and all are welcome:

February 20th  Rev Pam Roberts (Holy Communion)
February 27th   Mr Stephen Davies

March 6th  Mr Stephen Davies (Welcome)
March 13th  Mr Glenn Parkes
March 20 Rev Pam Roberts (Holy Communion)
March 27th Roko 

April 3rd  Miss Jo Powell (Welcome)
April 10th  Rev Pam Roberts (Holy Communion) Palm Sunday
April 17th   Mrs Sue Howie   Easter Sunday
April 24th  Local Arangement

May 1st  Miss Jo Powell (Welcome)
May 8th  Mr Norman Prophett
May 15th  Rev Pam Roberts (Holy communion)
May 22nd  Miss Alex Bamford
May 29th Mr Barry Catlow

Services are usually held at 10:30 on a Sunday Morning any variations will have been underlined.

A welcome service is held on the first Sunday of every month, it is usually a shorter service giving us time to welcome visitors with a drink, catch up with other members of the church and enjoy a service aimed for all, something to look forward to when we can meet in person.

 Recent Events
Thank you for your support with our events in the past, we are hoping to hold the events below this year. Please return for updates.

Bluebell  walk   Crossways cottage

Garden Party              Crossways cottage 

Sausage sizzle            50 Hilderstone Road

Gift Day and Quiz      Church Hall

Please support us as  we continue to be a beacon  for the church in the area


Below you can see a few pictures of the Bluebell Walk, we enjoyed some of the finest weather the day had to offer.

If you missed it this year, try and come next year

The picture above .shows the building presented well, the one below, we think is from the 2nd world war after the rails had been removed for the war effort.

As well as looking more presentable, you may notice that when the rails were replaced the steps were also moved along with the notice board

Here we have a couple of pictures from our recent harvest service. If you feel there is a space for you, come and visit us


Members of Lightwood Church showing their support for Children in Need as the riders of the 2017 Rickshaw Challenge go speeding past

Here are a couple of pictures taken by our property steward showing the Church and our meeting room next door